Research Project Waste Management

Subproject 1: Perival Sort

1) Target of the subproject


In the subproject PERIVAL-SORT, a concept for a separate collection system for household waste will be created, which can be transferred to other municipalities. The core objectives are to classify the organic waste from the other and the sorting of plastics and other values for material recycling from the remaining recyclable / residual waste fraction. The research also aims to develop a digitally based waste counseling model for the motivation of the citizen (app application with social points), which is adapted to Chinese culture and can be programmed and used in the R&D phase.

The municipal requirements for a speedy introduction, an accompanying model for the classification of waste, the municipal local condition for waste classification model will be elaborated taking into account current experiences in China, for example in Shanghai. Furthermore, a methodology will be developed and tested for the location decision of biomass center and waste sorting plant, which will include eco-industrial synergies (such as heat utilization for greenhouse crops or public facilities, bio-gas production, substrate utilization for urban gardening projects or horticultural and agricultural companies in the region) and opportunities for cooperation with waste disposers and stakeholders in the Shunyi district, such as the waste pickers (informal sector).

The definition phase ends in the description of the economic conditions (investment in collection and sorting technology), the potential value added from the recycled and refined materials (options of symbioses with the packaging, automotive industry, horticulture), the presentation of the ecological relief effect and a phased plan for implementation

2) Structure and tasks


The subproject PERIVAL-SORT is divided into four work packages.

In the work package 1, UCB will analyse the waste disposal data of ZQY based on ongoing Statutory Planning. With the help ofthe municipality, the appropriate framework conditions for the ongoing project operation (contact person municipality, project contact point) and workshop I will be worked out.

In the 2nd work package, the main task of the subproject is the method development of a location analysis for the biomass center and the recyclable material sorting plant, taking into account eco-industrial synergy effects. The core component of WP2 is Workshop I (project month 6), where UCB heads, organizes the selection, invites experts from China and Germany, organizes lectures, moderation and communication (translation) and prepares a project-internal evaluation of the results of the workshop I.

Work package 3 serves to deepen the developed decision-making principles for the construction of a biomass center, investment in a sorting plant in the district as well as the form and process of the separate collection system. The UCB elaborates in WP 3 the detailed separate collection concept including a digitally supported consulting concept for the citizens. The proposal also evaluates current China experience of introducing separate collection systems using rewards and punishment systems. At workshop II (project month 12), UCB will present the technical alternatives and the necessary investment in a locally adapted sorting technology and suitable separate collection vessels.

In the 4th work package, the UCB aims to prepare a model for the investment and operation of the separate collection and the construction of a sorting plant. This model is the basis of decision-making for the local authorities. The results of the definition phase will be presented to decision-makers in ZQY. The aim is to continue the project in the research and development phase in ZQY, where results are transferable to other municipalities.