Research Project Waste Management

The Pilot Community

As a periphery town of Beijing, Zhaoquanying Town is at the north-east of the megacity, about 30km away from the capital center and 15km away from the airport. It is a representative among the numerous newly emerged towns in the urbanization process in China.

The town is selected as a pilot town for PERIVAL, because it has the optimal pre-conditions to link especially organic waste management to the gardening and agricultural sector. The potential of Zhaoquanying Town flower industry is particularly attractive for residues and renewable energy of a possible future biomass center. 




The town has a large number of basic farmland conservation areas. Some of the agriculture land are not cultivated. Almost no any wheat is planted, and only few planted corns.


Lands are rented out to migrants or private companies for vegetables or nursery. Orchard is scattered throughout the villages.


Forest land is distributed along the main road.